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Kitchen Orchestra, Italy, 1955
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Kitchen Orchestra, Italy, 1955 Kitchen Orchestra, Italy, 1955

Kitchen Orchestra, Italy, 1955


This charming kitchen orchestra is from an Italian menu cover dated 1955.
It features a chef, standing on a crate of vegetables, conducting various animals to make sweet music together. He uses a ladle as a baton.

There’s a goose playing a pot that doubles as a cello, a rabbit using a fork-violin, a lobster playing a funnel-trumpet and a chicken, sitting on a toadstool, using pot lids as cymbals and drumming on a metal casserole dish.

On either side of the chef is a turkey playing a grill-harp and a duck, sitting on a tomato, playing a xylophone made from wine bottles and spoons.

All seven are working in harmony for the benefit of the lucky diners who patronized this unnamed restaurant.

The interior menu, written in Italian, seems to have been a private dinner for a football club called San Silvestro, since the menu items are described with football jokes:

There are lobsters from Sardinia for (translation) those who don’t score goals; mixed meats for (translation) players who know how to score goals and those who, unfortunately , don’t; ice cream for (translation) after the defeat and wine for (translation) those who want to feel better. There is also lasagna as a starter.

We don’t completely understand the jokes but we think the illustration is exquisite.

Courtesy Private Collection.

Love Menu Art archival prints on 190 gsm Fine Art Media Soft Textured Paper.

Each print is accompanied by a copy of the menu interior.

Printed in the UK.