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Hairy Pig, New Orleans, 1970s
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Hairy Pig, New Orleans, 1970s


This grinning pig, set for a feast with his knife and fork at the ready, was used to publicise a Mexican restaurant called Tortilla Flats in New Orleans in the 1970s. Much loved by locals, the establishment is now closed. Why choose a pig? Who knows but this porker is certainly charming and was created by someone with a sense of humor.

Tortilla Flat was the title of an early John Steinbeck novel, about a small band of paisanos, or descendants of the original Spaniards who settled in California. The title has since been adopted by many Mexican restaurants across the USA.

Courtesy Private Collection.

Love Menu Art archival prints on 190 gsm Fine Art Media Soft Textured Paper.

Printed in the UK.